Do you have any of these comfort problems in your home?
Does your house have hot or cold spots? Is the upstairs always warmer in the Summer? Is the Recroom always colder in the Winter? Do you have large windows that make one room more uncomfortable?

Zoning for Comfort and Savings
Imagine having only one light switch for your entire home. So why have only one thermostat? H.E. Neumann Company can supply custom comfort to each area of your home while saving energy by not serving unoccupied or satisfied areas. Here is how it works. We will install Arzel EzySlide dampers in your ductwork to control airflow to specific areas of your home. We will also place thermostats in designated areas so when that area calls for extra heating or cooling, for example, the system delivers it only to that area. The result is a system that offers custom comfort in every area of your home. Call H.E. Neumann Company today for a free estimate to have custom indoor comfort all year long.

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