Fire Life Safety

H.E. Neumann Company is a certified Fire Life Safety Contractor through the ICB/TABB.  Our experts in this field specialize in this service to provide your AHJ (Authorities Having Jurisdiction) with the proof that your facility is being maintained by a leader in the industry.

Fire Damper Inspections & Smoke Damper Inspections

H.E. Neumann Company can provide fire and smoke damper inspections per code requirements and assist you in keeping your building/facility in compliance with local and state building codes.

Services Include:

  • Inspection of fire dampers, smoke dampers and combination fire/smoke dampers 1 year after installation for all facilities, every 4 years thereafter in non-healthcare facilities, and every 6 years in hospitals.
  • Locate and operate all fire dampers and smoke dampers in your facility, removing and resetting the fusible link to verify the damper fully closes.
  • Provide a master report via your own exclusive web-based link, listing location of damper, damper number, whether the damper passed or failed, and detailed reason for failure.
  • “Before” and “After” pictures of every damper.

The City of Pittsburgh passed legislation on 8/3/2016 requiring all buildings/facilities within the city limits to test/inspect all fire and smoke dampers.  Buildings/facilities that fall under this legislation must comply with the ordinance.  All inspection must be completed by a certified Fire Life Safety Contractor.

Click here to view:
City of Pittsburgh Code of Ordinance

Fire Damper & Smoke Damper Repair and Installation

H.E. Neumann Company can provide fire and smoke damper repair and installation per NFPA code requirements

Services Include:

  • Adjustment to damper linkage.
  • Adjustments to internal components to allow closure.
  • Adjustments and repairs to damper tracks that are binding and prohibiting closure.
  • Repairing broken tabs on damper.
  • Smoke damper and combination fire/smoke damper actuator replacement.
  • Fire damper installation.
  • Smoke damper installation.
  • Combination fire/smoke damper installation.
  • Access door installation, both sheet metal and hard ceiling access.